Fall Fun!

Isabel all dressed up for "Orange" day at pre-school!

Caitlin had a class Halloween party. They made bat fridge magnets, lollipop ghosts, paper plate pumpkins, decorated sugar cookies and goody bags! She had a blast and I enjoyed helping out her classmates with making their goody bags!

Isabel and I went on a class field trip to the pumpkin farm! This is Isabel and her pumpkin!

Caitlin's school has an annual Fall Carnival. This year they had an amazing face painting artist! The girls LOVED their butterflies!

Happy Halloween

The girls had a great Halloween! Caitlin was Sleeping Beauty, Isabel was Cinderella and Ava was a black kitty cat!

Caitlin and the Tooth Fairy

October 14th
Caitlin finally lost her first tooth! Well her first teeth...with some assistance from her daddy and some dental floss! The tooth fairy came and she got a whole two dollars in "real" money...quarters!