So Bryant Family Fun Day took us to the Biltmore in North Carolina. My sis flew in to spend some time with the girls and us too. She's 11... So I'm pretty sure the girls were more fun than us! LOL! It was a chilly day, but a beautiful drive from Maryville to Asheville. The house was astonishing and the gardens were starting to bloom. We took on the winery tasting and brought back a few bottles... We were surprised by some of those picks! Wish it could have been a little warmer and a little less cloudy and raining but all in all it was a fun day!


Time in a bottle

Recently I was listening to Jim Croce's 'Time in a Bottle'... And although the music... More so his voice is a little hoaky the lyrics are beautiful. Just wanted to share them...

Time in a Bottle
by: Jim Croce

If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save every day
Till Eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I'd save every day like a treasure and then,
Again, I would spend them with you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them
I've looked around enough to know
That you're the one I want to go
Through time with

If I had a box just for wishes
And dreams that had never come true
The box would be empty
Except for the memory
Of how they were answered by you

But there never seems to be enough time
To do the things you want to do
Once you find them
I've looked around enough to know
That you're the one I want to go
Through time with


Have you seen me?

When I started this idea of blogging I had this big idea - The big idea was figuring out who am I?
I've been married for 12 years this year... I'm 30...
I've been a mom for 9 years this year... I'm still 30...
I've been me for 30 years... Well sorta...
Somewhere between wife and mom... Me got lost.
Now don't misread what I am saying here-
I LOVE being the wife and I ADORE the little people who made me the mom, But who am I now?
I think most women out there go through this at some point and I've been trying to figure it out and that's why I began blogging... Well ok it wasn't ALL about that... I wanted to document this and that too.
The absolute truth... I got married at 18... Most people would say I was crazy and looking back I probably was- But it was one of the single best decisions I ever made! I am my best me with him - I can be my worst me too... Mostly I am my best me though because we've grown up together. When you get married at 18 and 19 the world is against you.. Or so it seems! Those first years were rough and it could have turned out a lot different... But we made it through the storm and here we are... Happy and hopelessly in love all these years later.
So 18... married... Michael's wife.
...21 Caitlin's mom.
...22 Isabel's mom.
...27 Ava's mom.
...30? Still figuring it all out... Well the me part at least.
Here is what I DO know:
I am blessed beyond all measure!
I am a sinner.
Jesus loves me and died for me.
My family is everything!
I have lots of ideas.
I talk A LOT!
I'm a meat and potatoes kinda girl.
My favorite color is red... But it has to be the right shade of red.
I like my nose.
I dont like feet... Unless they are baby feet.
I admit when I'm wrong.
I am a great friend!
I have lots of pet peeve's
I know more about most sports than my husband.
I love to travel.. I wanna see everything.
I hate politics.
My friends rock!
I am very opinionated.
I don't sugar coat... I will tell you those pants make you look fat.
I am honest.
I try to be crafty.
I am logical and illogical at the same time.
I feel music.
I see me through different eyes just in this list.
Anyways... You get the idea... Im a nut ok?! ;)

People talk about retirement... I always say I don't want to retire!
Retirement means my babies have grown up! And yes I want them to grow up... Just not as quickly as they seem to be doing so! Maybe when I "retire" I'll learn who I am? Maybe through blogging I'll learn who I am?
We shall see!

You'll soon learn I babble and tend to ramble and contradict myself... I have horrible punctuation
(As you can tell) and I use lots of "Krisa-isms" (For the love of Peter, Paul, and Mary!) Yes I say that sorta stuff all the time... Just ask the hubs!
There is a reason why I didn't major in English!



During the girls Spring Break I headed back to good ole Oklahoma! The girls enjoyed seeing Papa G, Grandpapa, and Granaw. Plus all the fun they had in the "mountains" (Didn't you know Oklahoma had mountains!) Seeing the wildlife, and overall exploring the great outdoors! Here are some of the pict's from our adventure!


I just don't get it...

Trivial, not worth the time, it's only a few cents here and there...
I just don't get what people have against saving money!
Coupons, sales, clearance... Oh my heart goes pitter patter!
I am in no means a professional saver... I still have lots of saving knowledge to gain... But I am on my way to be a professional! All the time I hear people make comments about how its not worth it to clip coupons. Ok... If you say so! I saved 55% off my bill last Friday at Kroger! That excites me... I am that lame people! Tonight I saved $57 off my Target bill... That's not cents!
Most of the time I don't think, rather I know that even my hubs doesn't get what all the excitement is about.
well lets see... I love going and doing (as my Daddy would say) and all that going and doing cost what else but $$$! So the more $ I save with my coupons the more going and doing I/we get to do. There is also just the plain excitement of watching my total dwindle down.... LOVE it!
I have a lot left to learn about saving and such but I am on my way and I wish more people would jump on board! Lets save save save so we can play play play!




I will still be posting thankful for(s) but my 311 project has come to an end....
This week was Spring Break so I loaded up the C I A and headed to Oklahoma to visit Papa G, Grand Papa and Granaw... Got to see my bestie and her kiddos as an added bonus!
The girls had such a great time and loved spending time with Papa G. He took them riding on the gator (sport utility thingy) and let them feed the neighbor down the streets horse (who blew horsie snot all over Ava and I). We traveled over to see the girls Great Grandparents (Huge thankful for!) Went to the "mountains" where we saw Buffalo and Long Horns. The wind about knocked us over atop Mt. Scott.... But all was well as Ava told me "I gotchu Momma I gotchu" like she was holding me up? LOL! We ate lunch at the infamous Meers. And they played with their new tent Papa G bought them.... Couldn't bring the thing home though, due to the fact that Papa G and Momma weren't smart enough to get it folded up properly! The nut doesn't fall far from the tree... That's for sure! All in all we had an amazing trip visiting some of the super heroes of our lives. Glad to be home now and to get settled back in. So much to do!
Pict's from the trip to come!



A moment in Time

Ava Maxine
Etowah, Tennessee
March 12th, 2011

Etowah Antiques

Some pict's from the antique shops in Etowah I took. Loved the name of the Prissy Penguin!


311 Days of Thankfulness

Day 18

I am thankful for Family Fun Days!

Yay for family fun days! We have always done things together as a family... We are rarely apart on the weekends. But like most American families we spend most of those weekends at home catching up on cleaning, doing some type of home improvement project, or just vegging. So on our drive home from Florida I started looking at the towns we drove through in Tennessee and googling what their "claim to fame" was. Etowah was one of those towns and google claimed the number one attraction is the L & N Railroad Museum... It didnt hurt that as we passed through town I saw lots of antique shops that lined a cute little street! So I decided that we should get out explore what is around us... I figure some of these "attractions" will be flops and others will be gems! Etowah to me was a gem! The museum had live bluegrass music (not sure why), old pictures and artifacts and the kids had fun looking at it all! Out front there is a memorial statue to WWI heroes... Very cool! We crossed the main street and strolled the beautiful antique shops! Believe it or not I didnt end up buying a single thing. How'd that happen? Another thing about Etowah, Tennessee... FRIENDLIEST place on earth! The people of Etowah were full of big smiles, lots of hello's and how are you doin's! All in all the day was perfect. The girls had fun, the weather was gorgeous and we made new friends with the people of Etowah!
Here's to Bryant Family Fun Days! With many more to come!



311 Days of Thankfulness

Day 17

I am thankful for such sweet friends my girls have!

Today was friend day at the Bryant house! Yay for friends! First Ava's friend Jo came over for a few hours to cast spells, dance, munch some lunch, and chill! What a fun way to spend a chilly morning!

Next this afternoon the Big girls had friends over for a slumber party! We have had such a fun evening. A game of Scene It, A dinner of ziti, garlic bread, salad and strawberry shortcake for dessert! Yummy! Next blankets and pillows were spread across the living room floor and 5 little girls plopped upon them and we watched Mega Mind... Cute movie! Now from behind the bedroom door the roar of giggles can be heard. I know these sweet and innocent days will be gone before I know it... So today I am thankful for a day full of good friends, sweetness, and giggles!



These little feet have learned to walk,
and now they've learned to run...

These little feet just love to dance,
They climb and have some fun...

These little feet dont want to rest,
They only want to play!

These little feet are busy,
They're on the go all day!

Bargain shopping Oh how I love thee!

Today was the beginning of the Jack and Jules consignment sale.... I am a sucker for a deal! So here's the run down on my deal... Spent $130... This is what I got!

6 Pairs Shoes:
Nina Gladiator gold sandals
L' Amour Pink Sandals
2 Pairs Keds leather Tennis shoes
Sprockets Brown Mary Janes
Nina Kids water type shoes
Croc flip flops pink

Gap Khakis
Gap skirt
2 Gap Capris
4 Jeans
6 Tees
4 dress tees
3 Disney pj sets
5 shorts
2 dress'

Everything was name brand name and almost new! Brands included: Gap, Disney, Old Navy, Abercrombie, 77 kids and many more!

It really is the little things in life that excite me! I LOVE to shop and when I can shop and get a great deal.... Well then its just plain heavenly! Of course now I have lots of laundry to do! Well worth it! If you get a chance check out Jack and Jules they are open through Saturday this week and then again in the late summer!


311 Days of Thankfulness

Day 16

I am thankful for spooning!

Yes... Spooning! Maybe it's a little personal but nonetheless SO thankful for that precious alone cuddle time at night. I guess it means so much to me because for years the hubs worked 3rd shift and was gone during crucial spooning time! Back then I longed for him to be home at night... Well there were lots of reasons I longed for him to have a "normal" schedule... But bedtime was a big one for me! I swore when he got off 3rd shift I wouldn't take that time for granted. Well it's been years since 3rd's and I don't think I've taken that snuggle time for granted. I cherish that time. It's warm and safe and no matter how good or bad a day has been its the perfect way to end my day! God blessed me with such an amazing man to spend my life with and spoon with. And today (and every day) I am thankful that I get to spend the last minutes before I doze off with that amazing man!



311 Days of Thankfulness

Day 15

I am thankful for my girls!

We all knew this was coming at some point! What amazing little people I have been blessed with. Each of them amaze me in so many ways. It also amazes me how fast these precious years seem to be going by. People always assume that we are disappointed that we dont have a boy.... It's odd, almost like having 3 girls must be a curse. This also makes people assume that we will have another child to "get a boy"... Well we see how well thats going! I wouldn't trade any of my girls for a boy! Caitlin is lively & talkative, my go getter! Isabel is sweet & sensitive, my cuddle bug! Ava is... well a toddler! She's busy all the time! My mover & shaker! They are all our own built in comics - You never know what will come out of the mouth of babes!
Being a mom is the greatest adventure and I love it! Even when my kiddos are driving me crazy and I need a break... I wouldn't trade them for anything. As for "that boy"... we will see... maybe someday... and maybe someday "that boy" might be another girl- and that would be ok. Children are a blessing that make each day amazing! Enjoy them, cherish them, spend time with them and most of all love them!


Cindy Lou Who

Last night was Isabel's 1st grade "A Book is a Magical Carpet" program. Isabel's class were Dr. Suess characters and Bel made a VERY cute Cindy Lou Who if I do say so myself! The kids did a great job!


311 Days of Thankfulness

Day 14

I am thankful for me!

Ok, so maybe its a little or a lot self centered... But nonetheless I am thankful for me! Now if I could only figure out how to be the best me I can be! Its amazes me, we grow up and have these little (sugar plum we'll call them) dreams of what our life will be like... and who we will be from the time we are young.... For the most part I think we are living in the magical land of Disney that Mr. Walt Disney himself created! Im workin' on being that "me" I envisioned as a kid. The one that never yells and always understands her kids feelings... Who keeps the house spotless and volunteers at every event she gets a chance too... Ok ok so maybe those last two aren't and shouldn't be realistic! But I will work on being more patient (Lord I'm still praying for that one!) and put my money where my mouth is on my priorities. To support the man I love with every ounce I have. To spend more quality time with my family instead of just the plain old quantity. In the process of doing all these things and more I hope to find who I am.... Truly. The past 12 years (As of July 10 this year) I have been the wife and now for the past 9 years (As of June 18 this year) I've been the mom. I love being the wife and the mom and want to be the best at both that I can be... But I also somehow have lost who at the core of my being.... who am I?
Maybe through this blog we will find me... The real one.
I promise to always be honest and let it be what it really is!
The good, the bad, and the ugly no holds truth!




We have always wandered in and around the Habitat Home Store bought this and that... But lately its become a new fav hang out for me! Its like a treasure hunt! The other day we ventured there as a family and came away with a tote... (A full tote of books that are all in excellent condition) for $10! We have now sorted the books we wanted to keep out and the rest will go off to McKays for credit! Win win! I will let you know how much that credit turns out to be!
Today I ventured back (with toddler in tow) to search out what else I might find since books were my focus last time.... And there she was a glass and nickel lamp for... Hold on to your seats... $8! I am in love with this beauty...It is very P.B. without the price! She still needs a shade but shes a beaut for sure! In my second trip back (ALONE!) I found some RL shorts, Gap capris, and a Gap skirt(for Bel) for a grand total of $6! I am SO a fan!


311 Days of Thankfulness

Day 13

I am thankful for early Spring bloomers!

After being in Florida and enjoying the warmth of the sunshine and the warmer temps, coming home was cold! My neighbor's daffodils are blooming. My forsythia is blooming. Trees are budding and the hint of Spring is everywhere! I am SO ready. But for today I am trying to be content with the sneak peeks it's giving me!

Patience is NOT my strong suit... Did I mention that?



Sisterly Love... Or something of the sort

My older two are best friends which is a heavenly dream come true, BUT and it is a big BUT! They fight and argue like... well... Sisters! The other day they were at it fighting about this and that (mostly who was going to play with what and when). So Daddy separated them for the day... No more built in playmate... So how'd that go? Yeah... Not so well! They got caught many times "interacting" so finally Daddy grounded them to their beds where they were allowed to read and that was it. After a few hours Momma finally let them out but informed them they were still to remain separated.
The day/night difference in their interaction at times baffles me! I grew up during those early adolescent years as an only child (my brother came along 2 weeks before I turned 16 and my sister came along 2 weeks after I turned 19) I didn't have siblings to play with or argue with. When my friends and I had had enough of each other we would retreat to our own homes.... I am learning as a Momma of 3 girls 2 of which are only 18 months apart that sibling friendship is most definitely a Hyde/Jekyll relationship! It's going to take me some time to figure out referring such a relationship... and as the teenage years come it's only going to get worse I'm afraid! Maybe I should just have the hub commit me now?!

Oh the joy!


311 Days of Thankfulness

Day 12

I am thankful for lazy Sundays.

After the wonderful trip we had last week.... It was as wonderful to come home and have a lazy Sunday afternoon complete with a PJ day! Tomorrow starts the real world again and this week is a humdinger! So before this humdinger of a busy week starts it was so nice to have a day relaxing. SO thankful for a day to gear up! So Im ready week.... Bring it on!




What a MAGICAL time!


311 Days of Thankfulness

Day 10 & 11

I am thankful for new experiences.
I am thankful for home.

Caitlin had a rough week at the beginning of this trip. She didn't want to ride anything remotely fun.... She was too "scared" of EVERYTHING! It made things interesting to say the least. Slowly after thinking and thinking about it, we finally got her to ride a roller coaster.... And she LOVED it... So much so that she, Bel and I rode it 12 times in one day! Finally on the last day last ride of the day I got her to ride Space Mountain with me... She loved it! I was a proud Momma!

After 11/12 hours in the car we arrived home last night. There is nothing like coming home after being away! Sleeping in your own bed is heavenly!!! It really is a warm fuzzy feeling you get when you pull in the driveway and realize that your in your own space. Vacations are wonderful but its always nice to come back home!


311 Days of Thankfulness

Day 8 & 9

I am thankful for the times when my children sleep in!

I am thankful for poppy seed muffins! Mmmm!

So the two are vastly different but nonetheless I am VERY thankful for both! After 6 days of Disney (it has been magical!) I am EXHAUSTED and the kiddos sleeping in every morning has been WONDERFUL... May need to let them stay up late more often on the weekends!
And the second... Poppy Seed muffins.... Well I am NOT a breakfast person! Usually my "breakfast" includes coffee with milk and sugar of course and that is all! But we stopped at the grocery store last night and there they were Poppy Seed Muffins... I actually LOVE Poppy Seed Muffins! So this morning I ate 2 for breakfast... Good thing we did LOTS of walking around Disney!

Good Night...



311 Days of Thankfulness

Day 7

I am thankful for coffee!

If it wasn't for a good cup of Joe in the morning I'm not sure how I would function! So thank you to whom ever discovered that this wonderful bean could be roasted, grounded, mixed with hot water and sipped! I am forever thankful.

Here's to yummy caffeinated goodness!