Holy weather batman!

The girls and I are in Oklahoma this week visiting Papa G, Grand Papa, and Granaw. The tornadoes last night were north of us about an hour away... But the picts on tv are devastating! There is a 3 year old boy missing and it is heart breaking. I am thankful we're safe (obviously) but my heart breaks for all those suffering from this act of mother nature. I've spent plenty of time in Oklahoma in my 30 years and never been in a twister (don't want to be in one either!). It TERRIFIES me to even think about it. I squeezed my kids a little tighter this morning and stared at them sleeping a little longer last night. I am reminded of how much I take for granted and how incredibly BLESSED I am. My prayers are with these families and my heart breaks for them. Please pray for them and especially that they find this little boy.


Sweet as can be & ALMOST 3!

Just because she's sweet and almost 3!

Last day of school

Hard to believe the end of the year has arrived already! The girls last day was Wednesday. Can't believe how fast this year went by. Caitlin just finished 3rd grade and Isabel finished 1st. Can't believe they're going to be in 4th and 2nd next year! Where does the time go?! At the same time I am excited to get summer rolling! I got to sleep in till 8:30 this morning... It was A-MAZ-ING! I am looking forward to many more of these sleeping in days!


What is wrong with me?!

Ok I swear aliens must have abducted me and switched my mind with someone elses OR something! Yesterday was the girls last day of school (blog to come on that) meaning today was the first official day of SUMMER break! Yay...Right?! Well this Momma must be getting up on the wrong side of the bed or something... Because I am in an emotional funk... You know when your sad kinda, but mad kinda, but wanna cry kinda..... Yeah one of THOSE kinda funks.... And before someone says it NO it's not that time of the month. So whats wrong with me.... Why so glum? Maybe it's the million and one things I feel like I need to get done but havent been home to do.... Laundry is to that overwhelming point (and we still have clean clothes...Can we say shop-a-hol-ic?!) We're having friends over for dinner... House MUST be cleaned tomorrow! Invitations for Ava's bday party need to be made and mailed out. Saturday morning is the girls last soccer game.... Gotta pack for Oklahoma.... Leaving Sunday morning for Oklahoma just the girls and I... Come back Friday....Just in time for the in-laws arrival for Ava's bday party Memorial Day.... So maybe its just that my plates full... Although I enjoy my plate being full! Makes life exciting! Maybe a good nights sleep will do me good?


Saving while spending!

Store: Target
Retail: $57.40
Paid: $18.13
Savings: $39.27/32%

What I bought:
2 Mossimo T-shirts
2 Mens Gillette Body Wash
2 Mens Gillette Deoderants
2 Friskies Wet Cat Food
3 Dentyne Pure Gum
6 Whiskas Wet Cat Food
2 Kikoman Soy Sauce
14 ct Zyrtec

Sorry no pict.
Store: Kroger
Retail: $ 46.92
Paid: $14.32
Savings: $32.60/72%

What I bought:
Gallon of Whole Milk
Saltine Crackers
8 Colgate Toothpastes
Dove Ice Cream Bars
6 pk Cupcakes (to celebrate the last day of school!)
18 (yes 18) Butterfinger candy bars (they were FREE!)

Emergency Rooms Suck!

Hubs and I in the ER

So Monday after I picked the girls up from school my stomach (between my ribs and belly button) started hurting... Took the girls to soccer practice and the pain started getting worse...Curled up in a ball on the couch by 9 I knew I needed to go to the doc. Our neighbor graciously came over to stay with the kids who were already in bed asleep. I thought we wouldn't be gone more than a couple of hours...WRONG! We should have been home by midnight... But between the doc shift change apparently the new doc forgot about me! First doc swore it was a ruptured cyst on my ovary.... Nurse swore it was kidney stones... All I knew was it hurt! Both were wrong... Ultrasound ruled out a ruptured cyst and urine came back clean. My nurse blew my vein in my elbow vein (why would you put the IV there anyways??). I have a lovely bruise from that. After 2 does of pain meds and no relief,  they finally did a cat scan of my belly (why wasn't that first on the list??) only to reveal... Notta! Then just as fast as it came on it went away... After a dose of super IBP... Makes no sense to me!  I was finally released at 3 a.m. Tuesday. I still have no idea what caused the pain, but I am thankful there wasn't anything majorly wrong.


A good deal and a good cause

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