Trick Or Treat! Sounds Good to me!

What a great Halloween this year! We started a day early and attended a friends church trunk or treat Saturday night. The big girls had a blast (as usual) Ava was a little unsure of all the people and the costumes. She clung to Daddy, who I believe enjoyed being "Super Daddy" that night! We carved pumpkins Saturday and Sunday. An owl for Caitlin, a kitty for Isabel and a pumpkin girl for Ava Max! They loved their pumpkins. Halloween night started off with homemade beef stew for supper and then it was time to get dolled up! Miss Cleopatra (aka Caitlin) was kind enough to grace us with her presence and a butterfly (aka Isabel) decided to flutter along with us and then there was a ladybug (aka Ava) who insisted on being strolled along! Thankfully our ladybug was able to get into it and have fun and by the end of the night was saying "Sank You" all on her own! Yay for manners!!! Along the way Cleopatra stepped on her dress and it tore...She swore then and there no more dresses for Halloween! Plus our ladybug lost her antennas and we back tracked and could not find them... The next morning Momma went back and looked for them and Ta-Da! Found the antennas! The universe was now right again or at least Momma's was! All in all it was a fun filled night!