A Reminder On Who's Supposed To Be Steering This Ship

Ok! I get it! Apparently I just need a reminder every now again.... And Lord the message was LOUD and CLEAR! Im steping away from the wheel and letting you steer! Simple enough right? Yeah right! This is ME we are talking about here... Miss Worry Wart! But I am going to TRY. There's been "stuff" going on with hubby's job (good stuff?) ..... Its been a roller coaster the last couple of days. I am RIGHT now kinda girl... I mean in my defense Lord you DID NOT give me patience of ANY kind! SO these roller coaster days didn't go over so hot with me and talk about frustrated... Well that doesn't even BEGIN to describe it! Needless to say I went to bed in a slight huff and poor hubby kinda got the brunt of it.... Sure am glad that man loves me! I cant say I didn't also kinda "huff" in my evening prayers at God... Sure am glad He loves me too!  So a friend invited me to her MOPS group this morning and so Ava and I went. I was looking forward to being back involved in a MOPS group... Not realizing the message that was about to be delivered to me. After (yummy) food, announcements, and a guest speaker... A mentor mom stood up and gave part of her testimony... It was from back in her younger years a scare with breast cancer and how faith had brought her through it. There was more to it than the sentence I am writing... But in her story she talked about faith... Hmm faith? Who'd a thunk it?  Message received! Where is my faith? In all things He has always taken care of me... Even when I haven't deserved it in the slightest. He's always had a plan and it's always been the plan that was best for me even if it wasn't the plan I thought I wanted at the moment. Im still learning... Which I guess is good... Means I am teachable right?! So now is when I have to pry my hands form the wheel and let Him do the steering... Cause He seems to be better at it than me.

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