The Doctor Says...

Well my surgeon visit went well! Doctor agreed that MVD surgery is the best option for me. So now the nerves REALLY set in (no pun intended)... Someone poking around inside my brain! I can say I have complete confidence in my surgeon. I like him... He is knowledgeable, experienced, and has a great deal of patience to have me as a patient! Bwahaha! He answered almost all of my 3 pages of questions before I even asked them and answered all of my additional questions thoroughly.
 Surgery date is tentatively set for Tuesday June 12th @ UT hospital. Post surgery I am not allowed to lift anything heavier than a milk jug making things a little limiting. And by far the hardest thing for me with having a preschooler who still wants Momma to pick her up. I will say I kinda learned my lesson on that one when I kept pushing those weight limits after my gallbladder surgery last year. So I promise here and now to do as I am told.

 God is with me, who or what can stand against me? That's my motto from here on out in this journey!

My day otherwise was a difficult one in the brain department. Lots of break through pains.  I'll keep you updated on anything, But for now goodnight. XOXO

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