The 3rd birdie is spreading her wings...

Today was Ava Max's first day of preschool. I thought I was a lot more prepared.... Emotionally.... I wasn't! Nope not all! Not one iota.... Someone help me find a brick to put on this kids head to keep her little.... Ok not really... Well maybe?

Well last night was the "Tea Party" aka open house. Just Ava and I went. The older two stayed home with dad. She wasn't quite sure what to think of it all. We toured her classroom and I stared intently at the parents with infants in their pumpkin seats reminising in my mind about how that was the way Ava had last gotten around Wesley. She was only 11 months the last time we had been there (When Isabel was in readiness) and now here we were for Ava's turn at Wesley... It seemed so unreal. We continued on our tour checking out our new classroom and new friends! Yay for friends  (We have a class of 10 of which 7 are girls!) We met our music teacher, art teacher, ordered our tote bag and t-shirt, met our T.A. (at the cookie & punch table) Grabbed some green punch and a dixie cup of chocolate animal crackers and she was D.O.N.E. It was time to leave so we did. I spent the latter part of the evening wondering how her first day would go.... Prayed over her and her first day and everything else that I could think of to pray over about the first day... Thought some more... Worried a lot more... And PRAYED some more! It was an exhausting night for my brain.

D day as I call it arrived this morning. From the moment she opened her eyes all she did is asked the same question "Is it time to go to school?"
We finished our normal routine and took the "Big" girls to school and headed back home again the little voice in the backseat... "Now I go to school?" Not yet kiddo... Soon... Very soon. This type of conversation continued through her getting dressed (In her panda shirt of course !) Me taking a shower, getting dressed, while I fixed my hair, put on my make up and checked my email.  FINALLY it was time to go and she was ready!

We made it out the front door and then it was PICTURE TIME! Yay - Right?
Yeah... Not so much for the three year old.... BUT she was a trooper and I got some cute shots.

We arrived at school as she talked and talked about seeing her friend Jojo (who is in her class too) and wanted to know when she'd see her. Wesley always has the Wesley (Panda) flag hanging... Perfect picture spot... and we did! We finally made it to her classroom... I was terrified she would cling to my leg, cry, and never want her momma to leave her. Yeah... Not so much! She bounced into the room, let me take a few picts of her and then it was off to baby doll land and it was momma who?

As I left Wesley my heart was happy and overflowing.  I have three beautiful, smart, well rounded girls and they've all been able to have the Wesley experience. Im excited for this year and I KNOW Ava is going to have a wonderful time... And momma just might have a wonderful time too! :)

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