What a week!

Well its starting to really feel like schools started... It only took me 4 full weeks to get into the swing of things! I ended up becoming room mom for both girls classes and we're gearing up for the fall carnival already... The weather still feels like Summer so its kinda hard to think Fall, But I am SO ready for those Fall temps!

The hubby got me started cycling so I've been cycling my butt all over the place while Ava is at preschool... Hoping to lift that butt back up... Its gonna be a process for sure! As part of the "New & Improved Me" or as I like to say "The Best Me I Can Be" (Sounding like a self help book title here) I have also been walking, hiking, and just trying to stay "active"... Mission officially accomplished! I've been busier these last few weeks than I can ever remember, But its a great journey Im on.

Caitlin is playing soccer so we have soccer practice Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday... Michael actually had 3 of his 4 days off this week so we took Ava hiking Thursday at Cades Cove up to Abrahm's Falls... And we (Well the hubby... Probably better that way) saw a bear! I was busy with a half naked toddler trying to teach her how to pee outside (Imagining that its easier with a boy) when hubby heard something... Looked up on the ridge 20 feet above us and saw a bear poke his head up! We scooped up the naked toddler walked down the trail a little more and then re-dressed said toddler. That was an adventure to say the least. 

We've got some house guests this weekend... 4 legged rodent kind... Isabel's class pet gerbils are staying with us. We dropped off our new guests and have them shut securely in the girls room (Objective: Don't let the class pets get eaten by one of our pets) and they (the girls & gerbils) seem to be enjoying their stay. We took the girls up to ride some rides last night at Dollywood (those season passes have really been a lot of fun!) There were NO lines so we got our fill in 2 hours!
Caitlin had her first soccer game this morning and had to be on the field at 7:40 (Why did we sign up for this again?). She has a big heart... But we're gonna need to work on the sport itself a little or a lot! She was her teams biggest cheerleader... Which was sweet... But like I said we're gonna have to work on some things if she wants to stay in this sport... Which she says she wants to... So we will see.
SO my week was full and my cup runeth over... Even in those moments when my attitude seemed to runeth over too... I'm a work in progress... Now onto a girls night out tonight and God's house in the morning. Feeling blessed all around and ready to see what this next week will bring.


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